Raving Fans

With 20 years as a proven partner and more than 1,000 successful presentations, Chip has spoken to an extensive range of corporations, organizations and associations. As an overview, here are some examples of his raving fans:


Associations – Aging Services of Minnesota to US Chamber of Commerce

Auto/Oil/Transportation/Chemical – America Honda to Ford

Banking/Finance/Mortgage Companies – 1st Citizens Bank to Wells Fargo

Food/Agriculture – Logan’s Roadhouse Grill to US Foods

Franchise Organizations – Alliance Franchise Brands to Smoothie King

Government – California Lottery to University of Tennessee Extension Services

Healthcare/Pharmaceutical –Abbot Spine to Union Memorial Hospital

Insurance Companies – State Farm to The Hartford

Real Estate/Construction/Hotels – RE/MAX to AGC of Iowa to Hyatt

Retail/Advertising – Furniture Row to Young & Rubicam

Sales Organizations - Aaron Rents to Xerox

Technology – ADP to Lenovo


When Chip prepares to speak to your group, he starts with an initial questionnaire to get preliminary details and then follows up with key contacts by phone. He is serious about doing his homework and crafting a message that speaks directly to your people with relevant information and examples. Learn more about what he does here.


With his motivational and practical content, coupled with contagious energy and a good dose of humor, your team will be highly engaged and actively participating. Chip also provides tailor-made handouts so your team can easily follow along and fill out to reinforce the learning.


Chip often arrives a day early and if possible with his travel schedule he’ll attend sessions that day or evening. He strives to meet and speak with as many participants as possible to become an integral part of your event. As many clients tell him, “He was a partner, not a rental!”.


Meeting planners find him easy to work with and his requirements are simple. He wows the audience as they often think, “How did he know so much about us? It’s like he worked here.” To learn more about Chip, visit Meet Chip.


Chip’s Remarkable Energy Helps Make Your Event Exceptional

"Chip set the tone about attitude, enthusiasm, challenging yourself and putting yourself in position to win. He did a phenomenal job putting together a interactive presentation effectively customized for your annual MGoBlue Day. The Board Break was great to show what is possible when you encounter difficulty and fear and still breakthrough. Chip is as good as anyone I have ever seen, call me if you want to hear more."


Dave Brandon - Former Athletic Director - Current CEO Toys “R” US

University of Michigan

Chip’s Highly Engaging, Interactive Keynotes Ignite Teams with a Lasting Impact


Hire Chip for Your Next Event


With 1,000+ events over the last 20 years, Chip has successfully presented tailored programs that reinforce the meeting theme, convey your message and address your business situation. He does his homework every time, with a masterful blend of motivation, humor and practical content for an exciting kick-off or a memorable finale.


Chip challenges the audience to take a hard look at where they are now and want to be. Your group will be fired up to take action and strive for exceptional results on a consistent basis. His programs deliver lasting impact that motivates your audience to strive for “A Game” results all year long.


Contact Chip directly at 865-300-2742 or complete the form below.


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