With Chip, you get a motivational speaker who delivers tailor-made content with a masterful blend of passion, humor and engagement that never stops. He’ll have your people involved, activated and participating in the program. Your team will rave about the excitement, energy and the inspiring message for which he is well known.


What He Does as a Motivational Keynote Speaker


The gap between good and great performance is bigger than you think. To get your team to go the extra mile and consistently bring their “A Game” Chip will help them re-evaluate their current vision, tactics and mindset..Your people will know their next steps and feel more motivated than ever to make it happen. He does NOT do a speech! It is an interactive experience that will have “legs.”


He provides persuasive and actionable content, getting the audience to take personal responsibility for their success. Then he entertains and mixes in just the right amount of humor to keep people captivated. The result is a team that goes back to the office in high gear, recharged to perform at new levels.


Chip provides customized handouts, making it easy for the audience to follow along and stay engaged. Getting everyone up and out of their seats a few times energizes people like nothing else can. No matter what program you hire Chip to present, you are guaranteed to have a lively event that makes a lasting impression.


"Chip was fantastic to work with. We interviewed him on the phone to be the keynote speaker at our annual event. When we saw the interactivity of the presentation on his video, we were sold. Chip tailored the program to our audience of over 500, kept them involved and listening for what he had to say and left them feeling energized and motivated. Thanks, Chip, for a job well done!!"


Nancy Shepherd

Four Corners Business Conference

Program Chairman

Hire Chip as Your Next Motivational Keynote Speaker


Chip has successfully presented over 1,000 customized programs over the last 20 years that reinforce the meeting theme and encourage consistently higher performance. He does his homework, researching your company culture, industry, and business situation, for a remarkable blend of motivational and practical content.


Whether you choose him to start your meeting with a highly energizing, top-notch program or end with an enthusiastic and memorable finale, you’ll get rave reviews and accolades with a program that has impact beyond the event itself.


Contact Chip directly at 865-300-2742 or complete the form below now.


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