Are you looking for ways to increase motivation at work? Motivational Keynote Speaker, Chip Eichelberger recommends starting your day or shift with a huddle. Just like with sports teams, huddles accomplish a number of important tasks quickly when done well:


  • Clarify expectations
  • Spell out everyone’s role in the game plan for success
  • Identify key goals
  • Share wins and success stories, celebrate
  • Generate certainty and belief in what is possible


Chip provides the keys to running effective huddles based on his experience with effective business models. He shares these tips in his energizing and highly interactive sessions that “Switch On” your team and get them ready to dramatically improve performance.


  • Brief Meetings – The power of huddles is in a short, crisp meeting of 10-minutes or less. Keep it quick and fun to be the most effective.


  • Have a Regular Schedule – Conduct each huddle at the same time such as first thing in the morning or the start of a shift. Choose whatever works best for your business model and stick with it.


  • Stand Up and Make a Circle –Keep your huddle to 12 people or less and break into groups so you don’t have too many individuals. Stand up in a circle so you can see and connect with each person. Standing together energizes the group.


  • Add a Motivational Piece – Motivation quotes work as well as having team members share wins personally and professionally. This gives the huddle an upbeat, positive direction.


  • No Problem Solving – The huddle is not for problem solving, so when problems come to your attention, sideline and address them after the huddle is complete. Keep the huddle time positive.


  • Have a Brief Agenda – Make sure your agenda is clear and succinct. Keep things moving, show appreciation for key accomplishments and point out your top priorities for the day. You can change up who runs the huddle if you want to keep it fresh.


  • Add Energy – Start with music, a chant or mantra. LeBron James did this with his NBA teammates in Miami. He closed the huddle by saying, “1-2-3 Championship!” for two years at practice and the team went on to win two NBA championships.


  • Unique to Your Culture – Even though your people might feel awkward at first, find ways to make the huddle unique and fit with your own company culture. Your team will get used to the ritual and grow to like it and even look forward to it.


Some managers tell Chip they don’t have 4-5 minutes to take people offline and conduct a huddle. But Chip explains this short amount of time will help your team focus and stay super-charged throughout the day. How can you NOT make time for something that drives greater productivity and delivers employee motivation?


Think about how you can incorporate huddles and discover the measurable impact, greater communication and clarity your team enjoys. When your team opens up to seeing opportunities you can’t imagine the amazing results that become possible. Huddles provide motivation at work and will turn your team into a top performing machine.


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“Chip had a phenomenal impact on HHHunt in four cities on successive days. By promoting a sense of personal responsibility for us to become better as individuals, he has enabled us to develop into an even more exceptional team. His message of getting "switched on" has created an energy toward change will have a lasting, positive impact on both our people and our customers. You can be confident in choosing Chip to ignite your organization.”


Daniel T. Schmitt & Buck Hunt - President and CEO

HHHunt Corporation

Chip’s Contagious Energy Inspires Change and Motivation at Work


With over 1,000 customized programs in 20 years, Chip delivers sessions that make a lasting impression. He has worked with world renowned Tony Robbins and his masterful mix of motivational, entertaining and practical content will ignite your team into action. He challenges your group to take a hard, honest look at current practices, see new possibilities and achieve new levels on a continuous basis.


Known for his interactive workshop-style programs, Chip’s contagious enthusiasm permeates the room, creating lasting impact. Bursting with energy, his sessions on how to motivate employees are ideal to kick-off your meeting or deliver a memorable wrap up.


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