As a leader, your job is to motivate your team to take initiative at work and treat the business like it’s their very own. When your people think and act like they are the owners, they start doing things without being asked. They see opportunities and what needs to be handled and just get it done.


Being a catalyst for change speeds things up and helps everyone get on board for improved results. Pulling together to reach goals and have more success energizes people. This type of accountability at work makes the difference between good performance and truly great performance.


Build the culture for success and lead by example. As a leader, you must learn how to serve and set the tone. Demonstrate the mindset you want your staff to embrace so they take ownership, volunteer and follow through without wavering. Demonstrate the qualities you seek from your people and you will show them how to take initiative on the job and succeed.


Initiative at work means you keep your eyes open for opportunities, volunteer to address the situation or accomplish the task, and accept personal accountability for seeing things through to completion. When you become the person who sees a better way and goes for it, that is how you exceed expectations and bring your “A Game” every day.


In his energizing program “Own It”, Chip will inspire your leaders and teams and show them how to become a catalyst for change with record-breaking results. When your team is activated to do more than the minimum required and think like owners versus employees, that’s when you start to see amazing breakthroughs.


Inspire Your Team to Take Initiative

at Work for Greater Success

Raving Fans

"For our Sales Training session for our Sales Team and Dealer Network, we asked Chip to close our session on a high note, but yet deliver some very practical tips for improving their performance in and outside the work environment. Not only did he accomplish this goal, but he connected like no other guest speaker we worked with in the past. He literally “hit it out of the park”! Our participants left energized, invigorated, smarter and ready to tackle the world! His message resonated on personal and business fronts, and he truly made some life changing impressions on the audience. If you want to get your team to OWN IT, Chip delivers like no other. You won’t be disappointed, he delivers like few in the industry can accomplish."


Joe Porto

Director of Sales

Carrier Transicold

Chip Trains Leaders to Be a Catalyst for Taking Initiative at Work


Chip has successfully delivered more than 1,000 customized motivational keynotes in the last 20 years. His invigorating programs are a deliberate mix of motivation, humor and practical content. Count on Chip to do his homework, researching your company, interviewing key employees, and investigating your industry for a program with relatable content.


Whether you hire him for an energizing kick-off or a memorable finale, you are guaranteed a remarkable and inspiring program that will recharge your audience and get them to take initiative at work. Chip will challenge your team to honestly re-evaluate where they are and want to be so they take action for improved performance that lasts.


Contact Chip directly at 865-300-2742 or complete the form below now.




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