Achieving higher levels of sales success is easier than you might think since so many are satisfied with mediocrity. If you want to know how to improve sales, Chip’s “Switch On Your Sales” program will get your team motivated and challenge even your “A” players to strive for the next level of performance.


To succeed with customers, persuasion is the piece of the puzzle you need to focus on. In order to excel, discover how to tell your story in a persuasive manner which is the basis for Chip’s “Switch On” Your Persuasion session. Follow these four steps to better connect with and influence customers more easily. Your people will enjoy the selling process more and become easier to do with business with which leads to increased sales.


1) Get Clear on What Brings in Business. What drives business into your sales funnel? Take a hard look at the proven, trackable activities that help you close sales. If you want to know how to improve sales, carefully track these key performance indicators.


2) Ask vs. Tell. To engage with your prospects at a deeper level, spend more time asking questions and getting to know their needs. This works much better than focusing on you and all about your company. Prospects do not care as much about your company as the solutions you offer. What works better is to uncover their pain or needs and focus on how to resolve them.


Do your homework by researching your customers. Learn about their company, pain points, products, and services, the market place and their competitors. The better informed you are, the more you will be able to engage customers where it matters most to them.


3) Effective Story Telling. Start taping (video and/or audio) your presentations because seeing yourself in action is the best way to impact your performance. Take a critical look at or listen to what you actually do in front of prospects. Pay attention to your opening words, questions, metaphors, personal story, product story, company story, and level of engagement with your customers. Tell stories about customers just like them who you helped to improve their business.


4) Document Success. Social proof is a powerful tool with a strong persuasive impact that is undeniable. That’s why a smart sales strategy includes documenting your success with satisfied customers. Take pictures with them, before and after the job, get written and video testimonials, write case studies and post to your website and social media platforms. Show these happy customer reviews to new customers and prospects. Nothing says you deliver results more than a satisfied customer.


New research from McKinsey & Company says that that, “the influence of word of mouth is greater when the products or services being bought are relatively expensive or need people to conduct detailed research”. Pay attention to what works and share that with others to influence them and close more deals. This is an excellent way to learn how to improve sales skills. Watch this video for help with social proof.


How to Improve Sales and Switch

On Persuasion with Customers

"For our Sales Training session for our Sales Team and Dealer Network, we asked Chip to close our session on a high note, but yet deliver some very practical tips for improving their performance in and outside the work environment. Not only did he accomplish this goal, but he connected like no other guest speaker we worked with in the past. He literally “hit it out of the park”! Our participants left energized, invigorated, smarter and ready to tackle the world! His message resonated on personal and business fronts, and he truly made some life changing impressions on the audience. If you want to get your team to OWN IT, Chip delivers like no other. You won’t be disappointed, he delivers like few in the industry can accomplish."


Joe Porto

Director of Sales

Carrier Transicold

Raving Fans

Hire Chip for Interactive, High-energy Sessions on How to Improves Sales Performance


Chip lights a fire under in the audience, inspiring them to look closely at their efforts in a way that opens new possibilities. Your team will “Switch On” and be more motivated than ever to achieve top levels of performance and consistently deliver strong results. He does his homework to make sure the material is relevant and reinforces your message.


Having conducted more than 1,000 successful presentations, Chip’s customized program will energize your team like nothing else can. With 20 years of experiencing including time as world renowned Tony Robbins’ international point man, working with Chip ensures your event will be a huge success with lasting impact. His clients rave about how he becomes an integral part of your team, adding value to your event and making you, the meeting planner, look good.


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