"Chip Eichelberger’s “Get Switched On” opening keynote for the NAB Small Market Television Exchange (SMTE) was outstanding. His presentation was engaging and interactive and peppered with just the right amount of humor. He took the time to research the concerns of our industry and conducted interviews with key constituents to be sure his message would resonate for our attendees. And it did… his message was spot-on. Chip set the perfect tone for our conference and attendees gave rave him reviews. Plus, he was great to work with! I will absolutely have him back for another NAB event."


Anne Frenette

Vice President,Television Operations

National Association of Broadcasters

Raving Fans

Get Switched On! Reevaluate and Recharge


Planning a successful meeting is hard. A typical speech will fall flat with most audiences. Chip creates an immersive experience to show the audience how to reevaluate and recharge their life to ‘Get Switched On’ and be at your best consistently. This high-energy, interactive workshop style session gets the audience involved!


Each will take a close look at current neglect and the impact of it. He challenges them to get clear on what is really important and to take care of their #1 Asset - themselves. They will evaluate current results, their vision, mindset and performance. This program will get you plugged back in and switched on!


Getting switched on is about energy and impact. The goal for the session is to have each person pursue their work and life with renewed tenacity and contagious energy.  This is NOT a speech. This is an interactive, high-energy, challenging experience that will get you involved and engaged.


This remarkably energizing program is perfect to open or close your conference. Start your day with Get “Switched On!” and close with the “Board Break Experience” to make a lasting impression.


Get “Switched On!” Addresses these Performance Concerns


 • Why early detection is essential to reverse failure

 • What is truly important to reach peak performance

 • What the key is to achieve long term success and balance

 • How to close the gap between where you are and where you can be

 • Why your current vision dictates your efforts and results

 • What brutal facts need to be faced and the action to take now

 • How you can be at your best consistently with motivation at work  and home

 • How to clarify a new vision and pursue it with rampant enthusiasm



“After a two-year hiatus at our most important event of the year, we knew that we needed someone that would take the time to understand our goals, keep our attendees engage and excited, and send them off inspired. I had used Chip before and knew he would deliver. He took the time to learn about our industry, provide us with lead-up materials, and keep our attendees engaged and inspired. He surpassed our goals and “bookended” our event with amazing opening and closing sessions. He left our attendees wanting more, inspired to break through any barrier in front of them in the year ahead!”


Matt Bruno

Executive Vice President

NPTA – National Paper Trade Association

“Chip far exceeded our expectations when he opened day one AND closed day two at our National Sales Conference! Our audience has a wide range of attendees from mortgage originators (sales), their leaders and corporate executives. Chip’s preparation leading up to the conference significantly increased his impact as his content was engaging, entertaining, filled with energy and relevant to our audience. The closing Board Break Experience was a great way to send people back into their markets energized and fired up. The picture says it all. When Chip got off stage the AV producer told Chip, ‘You blew last years speaker off the stage.’ We had to agree.”


Kevin Stitt & Rob Rothrock

CEO & Vice President

Gateway Mortgage Group, LLC

“We engaged Chip as the opening speaker at our annual Sales Kick-Off meeting and he absolutely rocked the house and set an upbeat tone for the entire day.  We are facing market disruptions and increasing competition. His high-energy, interactive and inspiring messaging forced all of us to critically examine our current performance and left us with a recipe for how to start needed personal improvements. I was so impressed in the diligence and pre-planning research Chip dedicated to our session. My team was buzzing about Chip’s message and awesome delivery for the rest of the day. I couldn’t recommend Chip Eichelberger more highly!”


Chris Power

Regional Vice-President


Contagious Energy and Customized Content Gets Audiences into Action


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