Chip does not give speeches! No one wants to hear a speech. You need an energizing and interactive keynote to open or close your conference and make a lasting impact. Chip’s customized program will motivate your team to take unprecedented action. His high-energy, hands-on style is ideal to open your program and set the tone or wrap up your meeting so people are inspired to take their game to the next level.


The closing keynote is the last memory they’ll have of your annual meeting which is the essential reason to hire Chip for his Board Break Experience. That’s how you ensure your message has sticking power for the year to come, keeping the team active and striving for more.

Meeting Planners like you are excited

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Speaking at 1,000+ events (and counting) over the last 20 years, conference speaker Chip knows how to make your job, as the meeting planner, easier. He generously shares what he has learned from working at so many conventions, conferences and annual meetings in this free report. Download your copy now like hundreds of other meeting planners have done.


Ultimate SKO Guide

We understand planning a successful Sales Kick Off is tough, but it doesn’t have to be. Read Chip's helpful guide below.

Video Demo Clips

Take a look at how Chip will customize his message for you in his video below. You’ll see that he does his home work and why he brings energy, action, humor and results to every presentation.

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Testimonial Video Clips

In these videos below, you will hear from meeting planners just like you who have trusted Chip to make them look good. His success has lasted 20 years for a reason. People say he “hits a home run” every time!

Chip's One Sheet Brochure


Learn everything about Chip in one simple document.

Chip's Introduction


Chip typically customizes his introduction for your event.

How to Choose a Conference Theme for Your Meeting

Choosing the right conference theme for your event is critical since it becomes the core idea that everything centers around. All your presenters will focus on this central idea, as will your incentives, printed matter, contests and President’s Club materials. Once again, Chip shares his experience to get you started with over 135 conference theme ideas.

Room Set-Up & Logistics


Proper room set-up and event logistics make the difference between success and failure for your convention. Do NOT leave these essential details to the hotel or convention center. With 20+ years of experience on his own and working with Tony Robbins, Chip has gathered specific methods which are best practices to guarantee your meeting’s success. After reviewing this free report on room set up, complete with photos, you’ll rethink how you set up the rooms and enjoy a far better logistical experience.

Prepare Leaders to Speak at the Event


Chip has watched literally hundreds of leaders from a wide range of companies address their teams and has noticed that most would greatly benefit from professional coaching. Find out how he can improve the skill level of your company’s leaders at the front of the room BEFORE your event.

Choose the Best Speaking Topics and Programs for Your Meeting


Chip presents high-energy programs that engage your audience and are guaranteed to make your next meeting a success.  Speaking topics listed here are a guide, but Chip will customize any of them for your program and tie into your theme and business situation.

Networking Game Card for Your Receptions


Encourage participants to meet new people and not stand around in cliques with this fun Double Bingo Networking Card that’s easy to customize. Entice people to stay until the final session by running the game at the close of the day. Attendees must get BINGO twice to qualify and win fun prizes from a drawing of completed forms.


"We used this at our opening night reception with great success. Thanks for the idea Chip. It really gets people meeting each other."


- Bruce Burdon, VP and General Manager,

Carrier UTC



This area includes the most frequently asked questions about Chip’s programs, background, speaking fees, and AV requirements. If your question is not answered here, please call us directly at 865-300-2742 to get your answers.

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Chip's One Sheet Brochure


Learn everything about Chip in one simple document.

Pre-Program Questionnaire


Please download and complete the Word document, then email directly to Chip at least three weeks prior to your event. A conference call will be scheduled to cover details and make sure you are on the same page.  As Chip’s clients will tell you, all keynotes are customized to fit the theme of the meeting and business situation.


Contact Chip directly at 865-300-2742 or complete the form below.


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"Thank you for 3 great performances. We have not had outside speakers for a number of years due to disappointing and lackluster performances that just did not connect with nor energize our people. I must say you won over the most jaded nay-sayers amongst us and hit the ball out of the park, bases loaded, every time! You were a pleasure to work with on all levels and we would all agree that you were the best guest speaker we have ever had. Thanks again for helping us to "Own It!" and for getting us all "Switched On" to achieving greater levels of personal and professional performance."


Drew l. Miller

National Training Director

Furniture Row Companies

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