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Conference themes are essential for a successful meeting and can make the difference between a ho-hum event and an energizing, memorable program. Year after year, it can be a struggle to come up with something fresh that will resonate with your team. Your convention theme represents the core idea and message you want to convey.


A good premise provides a focal point or centerpiece from which everything else builds including keynotes, breakout sessions, room décor, food, receptions as well as incentives and prizes for attendees.


4 Steps to Define Conference Themes


#1 – Create a Clear Call-to-Action. What message do you want to convey and what action do you want attendees to take? Determine your central message so everyone involved will know what you expect during and after the conference. This is the very core of choosing a solid theme with lasting impact.


#2 – Review Chip’s List of Proven Themes. Chip compiled this list of quality sales meeting themes [link to Sales Meeting Themes page in same silo] to help brainstorm ideas for your event. You can also draw from current events, movies, TV, sports, music, history, or themes about success and winning.


#3 – Be Consistent with Image and Branding. Be sure your conference themes are consistent with your corporate image or branding. Keep the title simple so everyone finds it easy to relate to and use. Less is more, so don’t force too much into one program.


#4 – Integrate Your Meeting Theme. Apply the chosen conference themes to every element of the meeting and beyond. Start with the invitations, materials, signage, PowerPoint template, awards, gifts, meals and receptions. Select speakers that have the ability to integrate the theme seamlessly into their program. Intertwine all incentives, contests and prizes that will be used throughout the year to give your convention theme legs.


Get Speakers Involved Early in the Planning Stage


Be sure to fully communicate your sales conference themes or leadership conference themes to all meeting presenters so they can convey the key messages of the event. The repetition from each speaker reinforces the meeting’s call-to-action so it continues to influence attendees after the conference is over.


Give Your Conference Themes Legs


It’s a tremendous challenge to come up with exciting motivational meeting themes year after year. After selecting your conference theme idea, you’ll want to take time to creatively interlace elements for each portion of your meeting. Follow this list of steps to fully integrate every aspect for the biggest impact on attendees:


  • Select a color scheme
  • Create a logo and PowerPoint template for the presenters
  • Clarify the leadership team’s key messages and what the theme means for all presenters
  • Record key messages from the presenters for Mp3 downloads or CD/DVD to reinforce the messages
  • Send out teaser invitations by mail, email, with audio and video clips
  • Tie back all special events, meals, and  experiences with your theme
  • Order theme-related ad specialty items like shirts, bags, T-shirts, hats, pens, flash drives, etc. and place them in hotel rooms
  • Outfit your staff with theme-logo shirts so they stand out
  • Create a follow-up program with a survey to ensure that the proper messages were received


How to Select Winning Conference Themes

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