Your audience doesn’t want a speech! You want a conference speaker who will engage the audience, energize and motivate them to take action. That’s what Chip is known for. His high-energy, interactive presentations are a dramatic departure from the average one-way keynote. Your people will engage with each other and take an honest look at their current situation to re-evaluate and see opportunities for better performance.


Catch a glimpse of his empowering session in this video.


When Chip delivers his customized sessions, he does his homework to ensure he reinforces your message, hits key speaking topics about your company and industry and provides relatable material. The audience often is wowed and he frequently hears comments like, “He knew so much about us it is like he worked here!”


With over 20 years of experience including five working with the world renowned Tony Robbins as his international point man, Chip has the background to be the right choice of conference speakers. His highly interactive programs are perfect to start or wrap up your event with a memorable message that has lasting impact. Your people will come away motivated to consistently perform at new levels and still be drawing on his material months later.


As a meeting planner, Chip will make you look great in front of your people. He knows you only get one chance a year to create an amazing meeting. That’s why he generously shares his wealth of conference and meeting knowledge to help with choosing a conference theme, room layouts and many other details that create the meaningful and successful event you want to be known for.


“Chip’s message to our franchisees was exactly what they needed to get switched on and re-engaged in their business. You did your homework and it showed! The ‘Board Break Experience’ was a highlight of our conference that our franchisees will be talking about for years to come. Thank you Chip for making our conference memorable and impactful."


Kristine Fisher

SVP & Chief Operations Officer

FT Fitness Together

Hire Chip for a Memorable Program that’s Energizing, Empowering and Memorable


Chip has successfully presented over 1,000 tailored programs that reinforce the meeting theme and business situation over the last 20 years. He does his homework for a remarkable blend of motivational and practical content, peppered with the right amount of humor. He creates customized handouts so your audience follows along and stays engaged; a valuable add-on other keynote speakers do not offer.


Chip will inspire your people to honestly look at current strategies and mindsets. They will shift gears to consistently strive to improve performance. Whether you choose him as your conference speaker to start your meeting with a highly energizing, top-notch program or end with an enthusiastic and memorable finale, you’ll get rave reviews and accolades with a program that has lasting impact.


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