Breaking Barriers - The Board Break Experience

Interactive Team Building Program

What if you could close your event in a powerful, memorable way so everyone walks out the door inspired to take action like never before?


Chip is famous for the Board Break Experience and hundreds of companies have chosen him to close their convention with this proven team-building program. This event challenges individuals and teams to BREAKTHROUGH their barriers, limitations and doubts to the next level of performance. Take a moment to look at the pictures that capture the energy and emotion well. That could be your team!


The intense, emotional and climactic team building experience will clarify individual and team goals as well as help them push past limitations. The process helps people recognize what they must believe in order to overcoming obstacles that inhibit stellar performance so they can achieve new levels of success.

This experience works well for groups ranging from 20 to over 2,500. Each individual will get clear on what they must believe to achieve their goals and break through self-imposed barriers.


They will celebrate the thrill of overcoming challenges and adversity and experience an unforgettable moment of triumph. Participants put their specific personal and team goals on the line, then write them on their board.


This highly motivational program is often combined with other keynotes to create an extraordinary half-day presentation with a lifetime of memories. It’s also a great way to close your event.

Raving Fans

“For years we searched for a speaker who could deliver on their promise to present an impactful message that would resonate with the entire team.  Year after year they failed to hit the mark. Then we saw Chip Eichelberger at an industry event and were impressed!  He promised to be THE ENERGY SOURCE for our event. He surpassed our expectations by opening day one and closing day three. He created a level of interaction and energy that has carried over well after his presentation!  He did his homework, and his message is clear and actionable to all that hear it, and most importantly, it will lead to success!”


Rod Schaar

Vice President l Sales and Store Operations

Kelly Spicers

“After a two-year hiatus at our most important event of the year, we knew that we needed someone that would take the time to understand our goals, keep our attendees engaged and excited, and send them off inspired. I had used Chip before and knew he would deliver. He took the time to learn about our industry, provide us with lead-up materials, and keep our excellent post event videos. He surpassed our goals and "bookended" our event with amazing opening and closing sessions. He left our attendees wanting more, inspired to break through any barrier in front of them in the year ahead!”


Matt Bruno

Executive Vice President

NPTA – National Paper Trade Association

“If you want your team to walk away from your event feeling empowered, determined and refreshed there is no better speaker out there. Chip brings his A game EVERY time. We booked him twice for our annual managers conference. We walked away a stronger team because of his energy, enthusiasm and commitment to personal development. During the board break activity we broke down walls and unified as a company. It was almost tangible.”


Nicole Helms

Director, Education and Training


What are leaders just like you saying?

"This was our first LIVE meeting in 18 months and it was crucial we gave this team something special. My SVP of WW Sales was skeptical when I told him I wanted to bring a "motivational speaker" to our Americas QBR. Chip did a fantastic job for our event. He opened AND closed the main day and the message and energy was electric. He obviously did his homework and pre-event interviews. Afterwards my skeptical SVP told me "Chip was amazing!."


Barry Flanigan

VP Americas & APAC Sales


Chip Eichelberger was amazing. He was not just the keynote speaker, but he opened AND closed the day and gave us our Breaking Barriers theme. He invested time to learn about our business and our companies’ culture. It was so nice to finish with an interactive session where everyone could participate, get energized and break through their personal barriers. Really fun to see impact Chip’s message had on our team. That team picture is epic!”


Teresa Davis

Events Manager

National Healthcareer Association

“Every year we search for a speaker that can motivate, educate and entertain our 150 managers. We actually used his Breaking Barriers program as the theme for our meeting. Chip’s morning and afternoon presentations excelled in all three areas! He also added a new dimension of physical activity with the Breaking Barriers - Board Break Experience. Using Chip to ‘bookend’ the day was a great suggestion. Since we had the Get Switched On seminar, I have traveled around our company and visited with many managers and they shared with me the barriers that they broke at the meeting from health changes, being more physically active, enhancing their daily business routines to improving their marriages. The energy in that post Breaking Barriers pictures says it all!


Pat Reed

Sr. Vice President Sales and Field Marketing

Admiral Beverage Corporation

“You had a difficult task because of some recent challenges we are facing. So many or our sales team told me your high-energy interactive program was the best experience they had encountered. Gabriel our President most especially was so appreciative you turned what could have been a very negative sales conference into a fully engaged sales team! The picture from the Board Break Experience shows the energy and certainty we have as go into what will most certainly be a challenging year ahead.”


Kiity Spence

Marketing Communications Manager

Forbo Movement Systems

“Chip far exceeded our expectations when he opened day one AND closed day two at our National Sales Conference! Our audience has a wide range of attendees from mortgage originators (sales), their leaders and corporate executives. Chip’s preparation leading up to the conference significantly increased his impact as his content was engaging, entertaining, filled with energy and relevant to our audience. The closing Board Break Experience

was a great way to send people back into their markets energized and fired up. The picture says it all. When Chip got off stage the AV producer told Chip, ‘You blew last years speaker off the stage.’ We had to agree.”


Kevin Stitt - Current Governor of Oklahoma

CEO & Vice President

Gateway Mortgage Group, LLC


“You will never work with a speaker who can intertwine your business within their presentation the way Chip does. Most speakers are a “rental”, Chip was a partner! He opened with “Get Switched On” which motivated our entire franchise system, gave them tactical advice and got them pumped up for the conference.  He also closed the conference and tied everything together with the Board Break Experience! They left the conference saying they needed this and are “switched on” again and excited to go home and take everything they learned and put it into practice. If you want a speaker who will pump up your team, and educate them about taking responsibility for their success, then I highly recommend Chip Eichelberger.”


Michael Newman

Founder, President & CEO

Always Best Care® Senior Services

Blackbaud Inc.

Blackbaud Inc. "Chip brought an amazing level of energy and buzz to our Sales Kick Off Meeting that was essential to closing our event and giving our team a clear call to action. Chip's desire to provide content that was meaningful to our team was obvious from all his interviews with sales leaders. The Board Break Experience was met with rave reviews - what a picture! Participants loved having the opportunity to take what Chip said and then apply it with an action that was both fun and unforgettable. Many said that, "Chip was the best speaker we have ever had!" His follow-up communications to the team show that he has a true desire to impact people in a positive way and to provide continuing guidance."


Kathy Wilkes

Corporate Marketing

Blackbaud Inc.

Dun & Bradstreet

Denver Mattress



Fitness Together

Even Exceptional Teams Need an Infusion of Excitement at Times


As the saying goes, “Familiarity breeds contempt.” This is the Law of Familiarity which states the longer you are around something, the more you take it for granted. Even peak performers can make mistakes that cost them. People naturally start ignoring what is going well and shift to what isn't working and what they don't like. The Board Break exercise is a booster shot of adrenaline many teams need to re-energize and shift back to feeling positive and powerful!


This is one of several team building activities that will have your group up and active, doing something they’ll remember. Chip has returned to speak to the same audience years later to discover one person after another who vividly remembers the moment he or she board broke and held onto it as a treasured token.


Maybe your team had a phenomenal year and you simply want an awesome way to end your convention and reward them. THIS IS IT!

The Energy Source for Your Event – Hire Motivational Speaker Chip Eichelberger


With 1,000 events and counting Chip has successfully delivered customized keynotes that reinforce the meeting theme and address the business situation. Chip presents with a deliberate mix of motivation, humor and practical content for an exciting kick-off or a memorable finale.


Challenge your audience to evaluate where they are and want to be to get your group fired up and ready to take action for improved performance that lasts. Check out his testimonials and Raving Fans for a list of his satisfied clients.


Contact Chip directly at 865-300-2742 or complete the form below now.


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